The long-awaited reprint of Pinball Magazine No. 2 is finally here: 192 full-color pages, all printed on high-quality glossy paper.

The cover story focuses on not one, but two special guests. It spotlights the career of pinball designer Dennis Nordman (White Water, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blackwater 100, Party Animal, Indianapolis 500 and other titles). Dennis is joined by graphic artist Greg Freres. The two of them joined forces on Elvira and the Party Monsters, Dr. Dude, The Party Zone, Scared Stiff, and Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons. In this issue they discuss Dennis’ career in pinball and share some fascinating inside stories and insights about the pinball industry.

The magazine is packed with exclusive photos provided by both Dennis and Greg. You'll find images of what Dennis originally had in mind for the chest in Pirates of the Caribbean, Dennis' original mockups for White WaterTransformers and Big Buck Hunter, early artwork and sketches for Elvira and the Party Monsters and Dr. Dude and lots more.

Besides the cover story, the number of side articles has also gone up. This time Pinball Magazine brings you nine articles/interviews covering a wide range of topics: Stern investor Dave Peterson talks about why he stepped in, Martin Ayub discusses the history of the number 1 news website Pinball News, Rob Berk and Mike Pacak talk about the history of Pinball Expo, the Silverball Museum in New Jersey is looked at and then there is still more. See the content listing below to get the complete picture.

Also, make sure to check the feedback to Pinball Magazine No. 2 from people who already bought a copy.

The reprint of Pinball Magazine No. 2 is available as of now, so order your copy right away.

Content Listing Pinball Magazine No. 2:

  • Who’s working on what? - 6
  • Feedback - 9
  • Extra ball - 10
  • Special: Double-interview with Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres - 11
  • Pinball Firsts - 128
  • Custom Games: Beatniks Koolsville - 130
  • (P)in Business: Dave Peterson - 134
  • Upgrade your game: ColorDMD - 138
  • Stores: The Pinball Company - 144
  • P1N84LL 8Y NUM83R5 - 151
  • Pin Tale #1 - 152
  • Essential websites: Pinball News - 156
  • Virtual Pinball: The Pinball Arcade - 163
  • Showtime: Pinball Expo - 172
  • Museum: Silverball Museum - 182

Chapters in the Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres cover story:

  • How Dennis became a pinball designer - 11 (free preview available)
  • Special Force - 20
  • Party Animal - 25
  • Blackwater 100 - 30
  • The merger of Bally and Williams - 36
  • Elvira and the Party Monsters - 37
  • Dr. Dude - 48
  • The Party Zone - 54
  • White Water - 58
  • Demolition Man - 66
  • Indianapolis 500 - 73
  • Scared Stiff - 78
  • Redemption Games and Slot Machines - 91
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - 94
  • Wheel of Fortune, Transformers, Big Buck Hunter and miniature houses - 100
  • Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons - 108
  • The Wizard Of Oz - 122
  • Lexy Lightspeed, Atomic Space Tank and other current projects - 123

Others about Dennis and / or Greg:

  • Barbara Nordman (wife of Dennis Nordman)
  • John Popadiuk (pinball designer)
  • Andrea Freres (wife of Greg Freres)
  • Pat McMahon (pinball artist)
  • Steve Ritchie (pinball designer)
  • Chris Granner (pinball composer)
  • John Youssi (pinball artist)
  • Doug Watson (pinball artist)
  • Mark Weyna (technical right hand)
  • Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the dark)
  • Ken Walker (technical right hand)
  • Roger Sharpe (director of licensing at WMS)
  • Gerry Stellenberg (Multimorphic)

Long story short: Pinball Magazine No. 2 is even more of a book than Issue 1 already was.

As a little extra: Pinball Magazine No.2 will ship with an exclusive set of postcards (while supply lasts).

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Pinball Magazine No. 2 - The Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres Special (192 pages)

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